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The requirements demanded from today’s professional AV systems increasingly exceed the performance, scalability and budgetary limits that are capable using standard approaches. Building an environment that offers the uncompressed, seamless transmission of AV signals is mostly a messy, complicated and expensive undertaking. As 4K resolution comes more prevalent in the industry, the expectations placed on AV systems have increased.

Despite advances in the source, processing, and display technologies, system designers continually face the daily challenges of competing signal compatibility routed through complex, proprietary monolithic systems. This issue is compounded with demands to keep costs low in response to decreasing budgets. These traditional methods limit the potential scale, scope, and user-experience of what is possible in terms of AV system architecture and performance.

A new approach is needed. An approach that will serve the proAV industry into the future by providing a standardized platform that provides an affordable solution enabling the networked delivery and processing of uncompressed, zero-frame latency, artifact-free video content over IP networks. Acknowledging this need, Christie® has committed to reinforcing Software Defined Video over Ethernet (SDVoE) as this preferred approach. We can design systems and work with your own general contractor or electrical contractor. This means we can create all documents, engineering review and plans. This means using local contractors. This means we work on projects all over the world without breaking our client's bank.

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