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Emergency Lighting Transfer System ELTS2

    Safe, trustworthy load-switching for emergency situations. An Emergency Lighting Transfer System is designed to switch one or more lighting loads from one power source to another during a power failure or other emergency situation. ETC's rugged ELTS2 construction and fail-safe circuitry are UL 1008-approved for any North American emergency lighting application where life safety is an issue.

    Flexible power requirements and circuit counts let you design the system you want. The ELTS2 allows selected houselights that are normally fed by a dimmer, to provide Code-compliant, full-on emergency illumination 
during the loss of utility power, fire alarm activation, or manual activation. Unlike systems that simply bypass the dimmer, ELTS2 actually transfers the load (both hot and neutral conductors) from the dimmer output to a separate emergency power source. A local control panel that includes a test key switch and LED indicators clearly displays system status.

Wiring Diagram for Title 24

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With state-of-Art senors, we can support the dual tech occupancy sensing. This allows us to incorporate PIR Occupancy / Vacancy Senor with light sensors and audio sensors to create a complete package.

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Simply. Whether you need basic control, presets, daylighting and occupancy controls, or color control of LED luminaries, we develop a solution to control the entire system. This is a distributed control system, with advanced features for space combine and building system integration.

     The California Title 24 Building Energy Efficiency Standards are designed to ensure new and existing buildings achieve energy efficiency and preserve outdoor and indoor environmental quality. These measures (Title 24, Part 6) are listed in 
California. Code of Regulations.